What can I do for knee pain without having surgery?

We see many people in our practice with knee pain not wanting to have knee surgery whether it is knee arthroscopy, or total knee replacement.  They commonly see a orthopedic physician who might give them a injection of cortisone or some sort of synvisc fluid into knee.  They will refer them to our facility and we will perform a thoroguh evaluation of the knee to determine what exercises , activities they can perform without causing undue stress, trauma to their knees.  We will add various modalities, which might consists of cold packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and start them on a supervised exercise program in our spacious 4500 sq foot facility.  We will then give a individualized treatment program for their condition.    WHY WAIT it might get worse and see what you can do for your knee.

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